Airbnb - Take Advantage Of Edinburgh's Soaring Tourism

Did you know that in 2018, over four million people visited Edinburgh boosting its local economy by nearly £1.5 billion in visitor expenditure.

Statistically, around 38% of visitors to Edinburgh come from outside the UK, and this continues to increase every year. Hotel occupancy rates are also the highest in the UK - at 84% - as tourists flock to Scotland’s capital city throughout the year to experience the annual International and Fringe Festivals, as well as seeking out perennial attractions such as the Castle, The National Museum, The Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the International Film Festival.

Indeed, seven of the top ten most visited attractions in Scotland (in 2017) are based in Edinburgh. All of which makes is great news for those in the hotel, leisure and accommodation business. In the last ten years over 5000 new hotel rooms have been completed. It’s expected that there will be continued demand for many more as Edinburgh increasingly becomes a ‘must visit’ city for tourists.

But it’s not just in the capital where tourism is flourishing. Whilst often considered more ‘industrial’ than it’s neighbour 44 miles east, Glasgow is also increasingly attracting more than it’s fair share of tourists - particularly from North America and Europe - up 20% in 2017 alone, and well above the Scottish visitor average. This phenomenon is expected to continue in the coming years with hotel and accommodation at a premium. Thankfully there is another option available - airbnb property management.

Airbnb properties - affordable luxury and comfort

Average prices for hotel rooms in Edinburgh and Glasgow, reflect their standing as highly desirable tourist attractions. People often pay well over £100 per night, closer to London prices, all of which can mount up if you’re on holiday for a longer period with your family. More and more people are becoming aware of and are looking for the convenience and flexibility of luxurious city centre apartments or townhouses where families can relax as they would if they were in their own homes.

Business travellers can also enjoy the relative comfort and tranquillity of a local property convenient to their work base. With a greater range of Airbnb properties now available, guests can plan their visit more carefully, don’t always have to book months in advance, and can save money into the bargain.

Could you be part of the Airbnb revolution?

Are you away from your property for long periods of time -  maybe on business - or travelling abroad for some of the year? Or maybe you’re looking to rent out a second home as an investment opportunity? If you’ve a spare bed, a room, or an entire property and want to boost your income - often substantially - the Airbnb model is growing in reputation, is relatively simple and can be lucrative for you.

Getting Started With Elite Property Management

There are many property management companies successfully operating Airbnb, both locally and nationally. However, in Edinburgh and now in Glasgow, Elite Property Management goes that extra mile for those hosts who rent their properties out. With a professional property management company supporting you, there are very high odds that your guests will really enjoy their time in your property.

Our Airbnb property Management experts do it all for you

If letting your property sounds like hard work, it needn’t be. Elite Property Management can help. Our team of dedicated airbnb property management experts can arrange everything for you, reducing your time commitments and daily stress levels, letting you get on with your busy life. Elite works very closely with you at all stages throughout the letting process. As well as helping you get started as a host, we’ll take the pressure off you, by carrying out the following services:

  • we can automate all of your guest communications and create an inviting welcome pack

  • we’ll clean and maintain your property to a very high standard

  • we’ll help you get five star customer reviews

  • we’ll also give you help to avoid time wasters and troublemakers

Elite takes care of all your Airbnb property management needs

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve got the property, we’ve got the expertise to get this off the ground, allowing you to fully enjoy the financial benefits. Contact us today to find out more.

Fire Safety - Keeping Your Guests Safe And Comfortable

You’ll probably know that hotels and other accommodation - both here and abroad - need to comply with strict guest safety laws. In practice, this means that clarity around location of fire escapes, use of fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and other devices in case of an emergency, needs to be clear, documented and understood.

It’s no different when it comes to renting out your Airbnb property. Part of your obligations when letting your property is to ensure the safety and well being of your guests. Regularly updated laws and standards dictate that making your home as safe as possible, not only protects your guests and the condition of your property, but increases the likelihood of your getting future bookings. Airbnb property management can help you achieve this.

What do I need to know and do?

Airbnb property management can be a lucrative business but there are things that you’ll need to consider before doing so. Here’s a few safety first tips.

Find out about fire safety regulations in your area

In the UK, fire safety laws apply if anyone pays to stay in your property, which means you are legally required to do a robust fire safety risk assessment and implement fire safety measures. Please remember that international visitors could favour Airbnb properties that have a range of fire safety measures in place, in common with what is expected in their country, so the more stringent the better.

Think about the layout of your kitchen area

The majority of accidental house fires often start in the kitchen. If you’re providing a cooking space for guests, make sure it’s as safe as possible. Avoid placing or storing flammable materials (such as curtains, paper towels or dish cloths) near a gas cooker. Provide spark devices rather than matches for your guests as they present less of a risk. Also, never place toasters under wall-mounted units.

Show guests how to use heaters and open fires

If guests are staying during the colder months it’s strongly recommended that you give them a safety tour of your house with demonstrations on how to use any portable heaters and open fires. Clearly they also need to understand how your central heating and hot water operates. Educate them about the dangers of hanging clothes to dry over, or close to, certain types of heaters. If you’ve an open hearth, show them the safety procedures of lighting and stoking a fire.

Check electrical appliances

Make sure you check all your electric plug-in points and replace any that are damaged. Also, check all appliances – making sure cables are in good condition and not frayed. Provide power boards with safety switches that guests can use for any of their devices.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms should be fitted throughout your home. These alarms warn guests if a fire breaks out – especially if it happens at night, when they’re asleep. If your property uses gas or oil for cooking or heating, you’ll need to place carbon monoxide alarms in appropriate areas. Heat alarms can also be installed for safety. The most important thing to do is check the batteries on a regular basis (preferably after each guest departure).

Fire extinguishers

You should have at least one fire extinguisher on every level of your home. These should be placed in rooms with the highest probability of a fire — the kitchen especially, as well as any areas with open fires. Another option is a fire blanket which is a safety device designed to extinguish small fires. It consists of a sheet of a fire retardant material.

List emergency contact information

Always keep a list of emergency contact numbers in a central place (stuck on the fridge, by the front door, and in your welcome pack). Don’t assume that your contact information is enough if a serious emergency occurs at your Airbnb property. Information should include:

  • contact numbers for local emergency medical, fire and police services

  • exact locations of fire extinguishers and fire blankets

  • emergency exit routes

  • location of first aid kit

  • contact numbers for you and any partner(i.e. your landline plus mobile)

Elite Property Management for all your safety needs

If you’re uncertain, or require more help on ensuring that your Airbnb property is safe, Elite can help. As a top end Airbnb property management service, Elite helps get you started and manages the entire letting process taking ownership of all of the stress and everyday issues that arise. Additionally, the dedicated team at Elite:

  • provides peace of mind in the knowledge that your home is well looked after and your guests are also receiving a first class service from start to finish

  • ensures the safety and comfort of all guests, from families to individual business visitors

  • creates the right service ensuring that guest communication and attention to detail is fully professional from date of enquiry, through to check-in onto departure

  • manages the expectations and supports owners in terms of property maintenance and standards of cleanliness, whilst offering styling tips on how to always get the best out of your property

Speak to the Airbnb management experts

 Find out more about Elite’s Airbnb property management service and how we can help you move into the property letting market.

Getting Your Airbnb Property Ready For Spring

Edinburgh is a beautiful and vibrant city, with many visitor attractions rich in culture with centuries of history to lose yourself in. From The Old Town of The Castle and The Royal Mile in the New Town with it’s cosmopolitan feel there is always something going on. Spring is a particularly beautiful time of year though; the days become longer, the sky that bit clearer and nature comes to life all over the city. As it’s outwith the Summer season with the Festival, it’s also a time when visitors can explore key landmarks more easily and at a slightly slower pace.

Getting Your Airbnb Property Ready For Spring

The airbnb property management revolution continues apace as we move into 2019, and you can be a part of it! If you’re away from home, abroad, on business, or travelling a lot, you’ll probably be interested in becoming a landlord and renting your property - or maybe even just a room in it - to holidaymakers coming into our capital city. It’s easy to get started when you contact Elite Property Management, who’ll take care of all aspects of property letting for you, whatever your specific needs are. It may seem a while away but Spring will be with us before we know it.

Elite’s Tips For A Deep Spring Clean

Naturally you’ll want your property to look at it’s very best and as well as being advertised properly, with an effective listing and professional photography, it’s important that your home is always clean and maintained to a high standard. Elite Property Management delivers various services that can help you with this, but as with everything else in life what you invest in time wise now, will reap rewards later on. Here’s just a few things to think about:

  • Declutter - think about what you don’t need and remove all unnecessary furniture and gadgets

  • Refresh your decor - is your paintwork dated, or looking a bit tired. Could your bedding and towels be upgraded and could your light fittings be improved?

  • Deep clean your carpets - it’s amazing how much dirt can be embedded in your carpets. Hiring a professional to do it is a good idea

  • Make sure you clean under couches, beds and behind pictures, light fitting and mirrors, it’s amazing the dust motes that collect there

  • Clean all of your kitchen appliances and empty all of your cupboards, getting rid of anything that your visitors are unlikely to use or need

  • If you’ve a garden or outdoor space you’ll need to get that sorted. That could mean weeding, sweeping winter leaves and dusting the garden furniture.

Once your up and running, Elite Property Management can take over your property maintenance, maintaining your home to a high standard, with a professional laundry service - including the provision of fresh linen and laundry for each guest - inventory checking and when something needs fixed our dedicated tradesmen are there immediately to sort things out.

Elite Can Clean Your Property Profile Too

When it comes to Airbnb, spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to the property itself, think about your online presence also. If you’re an existing landlord, take some time to figure out if your current profile is working for you, and if not, clean it up. Refresh your heading to make it catchy and relevant to your target audience, update your description and renew your photographs – it really will make a difference. Finally, review your pricing and make sure it is competitive. The last thing you want after all your hard work is to undersell yourself or lose business because you priced too high. 

Elite Property Management for all your airbnb needs

Spring cleaning can be hard work and takes time, but if you want further tips or help to get your property ready for summer, contact us today, we’re happy to help with all areas of Airbnb property management.

Thinking Of Joining The Airbnb Revolution in 2019?

Are you away from your property for long periods of time - maybe on business - or travelling abroad for some of the year? Or maybe you’re looking to rent out a second home as an investment opportunity?

Getting Started With Elite Property Management

If you’ve a spare bed, a room or an entire property and want to boost your income - often substantially - the airbnb model is growing in reputation, is relatively simple and can be lucrative for you. There are many property management companies operating airbnb very successfully, both locally and nationally, but here in Edinburgh, Elite Property Management goes that extra mile for those who let their properties (known as hosts). With a professional property management company behind you, there are high odds that your house guests will fully enjoy living in your property.

What’s Involved In Being A Host?

It isn’t just a matter of letting people into your home though. There’s a fair bit of time and effort required, especially at the outset. Firstly, there is building the right airbnb profile for you as well as advertising your property and getting it ready for guests. Then there’s marketing, guest communication and actually being at the property to do a full handover at check-in and also being in attendance when guests are leaving your home.

Airbnb Property Management Experts

Does this sound like hard work? Elite Property Management can help. Our team of dedicated airbnb property management experts can arrange everything for you, reducing your time commitments and daily stress levels. And it starts when you talk to us about creating a bespoke profile for you.

Save Time, Effort And Make Money

Elite works very closely with you at all stages through the letting process. As well as helping you get started as a host, we’ll take the pressure off you, by carrying out the following services:

  • making sure you have an appropriate property letting listing to attract the right clientele, be it families on short term breaks or business travellers, needing a convenient base

  • we’ll help you automate all of your guest communications and create an inviting welcome Pack

  • we’ll also give you tips to help you avoid time wasters and troublemakers causing potential problems.

Elite Takes Care Of All Your Airbnb Property Management Needs

We clean and maintain your property to a professional standard, including the provision of little extras such as toiletries - and unlike many other airbnb companies - we can handle the meet and greet with your guests, if you’re unable to do so. This latter point more than any other is a unique selling point for Elite, as other competitors often don’t provide this service.

Elite Can Help You Get 5 Star Reviews

With Elite Property Management, you’ll get all the benefits of renting your property on airbnb, but without any of the hassle. We know what it takes to be a five star host and will ensure your property is always kept to a high standard and that your guests are well looked after.

You can sit back and enjoy your extra income – contact us now to get started!

Invest In Airbnb Over The Festive Period

Are you feeling festive yet? Edinburgh's world-famous Christmas celebrations return to the city centre between 16 November 2018 and 5 January 2019.

Edinburgh is bracing itself for the biggest, brightest and most comprehensive programme of Christmas events and entertainment seen in Scotland’s capital city, to date. It’s anticipated that hundreds of thousands of people, from all over, will descend upon the city centre to enjoy this outstanding spectacle.

Why Edinburgh?

Voted best Christmas Market in the UK last year, East Princes Street Gardens Market offers a vast range of local delicacies, European themes and general festive bonhomie to keep you warm on these crisp winter days and frosty evenings. For example, if you like whisky, or just want to escape the chill for a short while, the Johnnie Walker Bothy Bar situated on a two-floor bar on Mound, serves a variety of whisky cocktails and hot toddies that will surprise and delight, showcasing the unique flavours from the four corners of Scotland that go into creating the Johnnie Walker blend.  

A Range Of Fantastic Attractions

Provided you don’t suffer from vertigo, there are fabulous rides and attractions that those of all ages can enjoy. These include the Forth 1 Big Wheel and the ever-popular Star Flyer.  At nearly 60 metres tall, the Star Flyer offers a panoramic view of the Edinburgh skyline, which is quite simply breathtaking.

For the young and those young at heart, St Andrew Square Ice Rink is the magical frozen heart of Edinburgh's Christmas. The festive season just isn't complete without a spin (or a stutter) around the UK's only elliptical outdoor ice rink, followed by hot chocolate or hot cider in the Rekorderlig Cider Lodge. If the little ones have been good this year, a trip to see Santa in his Grotto in Castle Street is also a real treat. For slightly older visitors, theatres across Edinburgh have teamed together to deliver a superb programme of festive entertainment. Amongst other events, the famous Spiegeltent returns to Festival Square, playing host to La Clique Noel Part Deux and a brand new interactive musical show You Choose, offering fun for all ages.

After it’s spectacular success in 2017, Winter Windows returns.This unique creative project encourages Edinburgh's young and budding artists to showcase their talents in streets and community hubs. Winter Windows will be displayed in West Parliament Square outside St Giles' Cathedral and will also be present in other locations slightly off the beaten track.

Why Rent Out Your Airbnb Property With Elite?

Edinburgh is never short on accommodation. Guests will always have their pick of hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and more. However, availability and prices during the festive season can present a problem and often people can be disappointed.

We manage a range of attractive properties, from city centre apartments to townhouses. And these properties are always expanding as landlords take advantage of the lucrative short-stay let market.

Speak to the Airbnb Property Management Experts

If you’re going away over the festive period why not consider renting your property , or even a room in your home out, to allow guests to the space, privacy and time to plan their itinerary, ensuring they make the most of their time in Edinburgh.

Elite Property Management will do all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy the Christmas and New Year period, whilst earning additional cash.

Find out more about how you can be part of the airbnb revolution by contacting Elite Property Management, today.

Reasons to invest in Airbnb in Edinburgh

If you have an investment property, or are thinking about acquiring one, chances are you’ve heard of the Airbnb revolution and the lucrative benefits of the short-term rental market. There are many factors influencing Airbnb success, but a significant one is location. If your property, or maybe it’s your spare room, is located in the centre of a popular tourist destination, such as Edinburgh, you’ve a great chance of succeeding, given that Scotland’s capital city is the second most visited city in the UK, behind London.

Why Edinburgh?

According to the City of Edinburgh Council’s 2017 Edinburgh by Numbers report, 4.01 million tourists visited Edinburgh in 2015; 2.47 million from the UK and 1.54 million from overseas.

With one of the world’s most iconic castles and a significant proportion of Scotland’s tourist attractions,  Edinburgh’s popularity continues to go from strength to strength. And it’s not just during the Festival that the city sees an influx of visitors, it’s now all year around. Being relatively compact Edinburgh tourists can tick off ‘bucket list’ items in a relatively short space of time.

Edinburgh is, of course, also one of Europe’s leading business communities with impressive venues such as the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC), Assembly Rooms, Usher Hall. It’s also a major UK financial hub with accessible transport links, all of which also makes it very appealing for short stay business visitors.

Why choose Airbnb Management with Elite?

With many city centre hotels and Bed and Breakfasts charging premium rates, and not always being able to accommodate family groups, (average occupancy rates were 83% in 2016)  the global airbnb phenomenon has arrived in Edinburgh and Elite Property Management is a leading player in managing short-term lets.

With an impressive property portfolio, ranging from Georgian townhouses, six bedroom apartments to city centre flats, we’ve something to suit every guest's needs from special occasions of a few days, up to longer three months stays.

Whilst it’s an extremely competitive market with almost 10,000 property listings in Edinburgh alone, there are opportunities for investors to make significant rental incomes with guest demand currently exceeding supply.

As a top end property management service, Elite gets you started, and manage the entire letting process taking ownership of all of the stress and everyday issues that arise. Additionally, the dedicated team at Elite:

  • provides peace of mind in the knowledge that not only is your home well looked after, but your guests are also receiving a first class service from start to finish

  • ensures the safety and comfort of all guests, from families to individual business visitors

  • creates the right service ensuring that guest communication and attention to detail is fully professional from date of enquiry, through to check-in onto departure

  • manages the expectations and supports owners in terms of property maintenance and standards of cleanliness, whilst offering styling tips on how to always get the best out of your property

Speak to the Airbnb Management Experts

Find out more about Elite and how we can help you move into the property letting market.

Tailoring Your Airbnb for Different Guests

Some Airbnb properties are better suited to certain types of guest than others.

A sleek city centre apartment close to the business district may be ideal for professionals, but perhaps not for holidaying families. Identifying your guests and marketing specifically to them is a great way of ensuring your listing is a success, but that’s not all you can do.

A few special touches can make all the difference.

Business travellers

Business travellers have very specific needs. They’re working hard rather than holidaying and appreciate convenience and a bit of peace and quiet. If you want to appeal to business guests, think about adding the following to your property:

  • A good-quality coffee machine. While not essential, a fresh cup of coffee on demand can appeal to guests up early for work.

  • An iron and ironing board. Business people need to appear well dressed, so ensure that an iron is available.

  • A dedicated workspace. Guests may need to work while onsite so set up a workplace area with desk, office chair, good lighting, and plenty of power sockets for electronics.

  • A few helpful extras. Add add few extras such as printer and scanner, laptop stand and second screen, wireless keyboard and mouse, or anything else your guests may find beneficial or may have forgotten!

Families with young children

Travelling with children can be stressful. If you’re catering for families with young kids, think about how you can reduce stress and make things easier for parents.

  • Safety first. Safety is paramount for young children, they like to explore everything. Therefore, place cleaning products and chemicals out of harms way, add baby gates, and remove choking hazards. Think about covering sharp corners, attaching furniture to walls, and removing visible wires. The garden is just as important, particularly if you have a pond that needs fencing in, so don’t forget to look outside too.

  • A few helpful essentials. From prams to changing bags and baby baths, children need a lot of stuff. Make packing easier for parents by providing a few essentials like a cot and high chair that they can use while staying with you.

  • Think about convenience. Help parents by adding a dedicated changing area or by stocking the kitchen with child-friendly unbreakable kitchenware and non-spill cups. Think about floors that are easy to wipe clean and other amenities such as dishwashers that save time on cleaning.

  • Entertainment. Children don’t sit still so help keep them entertained by setting up a play area with games, toys, and books. You could also subscribe to children’s TV channels or keep a supply of age-appropriate DVDs in the house for a rainy day. If you have a garden, a climbing frame or garden games all add appeal to your property.

Elderly or those with limited mobility

If you’re popular with elderly guests, those with disabilities or even recovering patients, accessibility is where you want to focus your attention.

  • Accessible. If there are stairs leading to your front door, consider adding a wheelchair ramp to make it easily accessible for everyone. Likewise, if you’ve stairs inside, consider keeping everything downstairs, to avoid mobility issues.

  • Remove trip hazards. Make sure your guests can get around easily by keeping clutter to a minimum and by keeping the floors free of trip hazards.

  • Consider your lighting. Avoid guests having to move around in the dark, ensuring property is well lit and light switches are conveniently placed. Alternatively, think about adding motion sensors to your lights, so they come on automatically

  • Make your bathroom safe. Bathrooms are a common place for accidents in the home. Reduce that chance by adding anti-slip mats, sit down showers, handrails and any other features that make it safer for your guests.

If you need further ideas or are stuck for how to appeal to other types of guest not mentioned here, contact us, and we will help you get your property ready!

Myth Busting Misconceptions About Short-Term Letting on Airbnb

Have you been thinking about putting your property or spare room up for rent on Airbnb but are delaying because you’re weary and see it as a bit of a risk? If so, read on as we bust many of the myths around short-term letting with Airbnb. 

Your property will end up ruined

Most people that book a holiday through Airbnb are just like you, normal people looking to take a break from their working lives. They are not out to destroy your property or make your life difficult, so hopefully, you’ll have only positive experiences. For negative ones though, know that Airbnb’s Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance protect you and that you have the option of purchasing your own more comprehensive insurance as well. You can also collect security deposits from guests that will likely cover any small damages. 

Additionally, you can take precautions to reduce the likelihood of your property and possessions getting damaged. Firstly, take a minimalist approach and remove or lock away things you want to keep safe and secondly vet guests before agreeing to let them stay. Read previous reviews, go through their Airbnb profile or social media accounts, and get a sense for why they are travelling. If it is a big group of girls or boys away for a weekend, for example, you may be looking at a hen or stag party and so are more likely to get mess and damage than say a couple away for the weekend. If you’re suspicious or don’t feel comfortable, decline the request. 

Guests won’t pay

The beauty of going through a company like Airbnb is that providing you’re sensible and stick within their platform, their policies protect you. When a guest makes a booking, Airbnb collects and holds payments until 24 hours after check-in, which ensures both hosts and guests are happy that everything has gone to plan before money changes hands. If something unexpected happens, such as a cancellation, Airbnb’s cancellation and refund policies protect both you and your guests and ensure payments are as they should be. Likewise, if you need to claim some or all your security deposit, you can deal with guests directly or get help from Airbnb, who can charge guests when required. 

Guests won’t leave or give the key back

Most guests have limited time away and return travel arrangements. The risk they won’t want to leave or return the keys at the end is minimal. If you’re worried, however, vet your guests and turn down requests from those that make you feel uncomfortable. Additionally, if you want to invest in security and peace of mind, you could install an electronic lock that you can control remotely. It’s a cost initially, but you can issue time-limited key codes to guests that stop working after their check-out date. This also covers you if you’re worried about key copying or simply want a stress-free check-in/check-out, as you don’t need to be on site to let your guests in. 

Guests will be noisy

Again, the best way to avoid this is to be selective about who stays in your property. But, also, write clear house rules and let your guests know what is and isn’t acceptable regarding noise and behaviour. If they break the rules or you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to cancel their booking at any time, and Airbnb will help you with this. 

It will take up all my time

As a host, there’s cleaning, washing, greeting guests, sorting problems, all sorts to do. If you decide to do everything yourself then, yes, being a host will take up a lot of your time. But, the good news is, you don’t have too, you can have help. Many hosts hire cleaners to help with the turnaround between guests, but if you want more help, you can work with an Airbnb property management company, like us. We take the stress away by handling everything from meeting and greeting guests and creating welcome packs to maintenance, cleaning and dealing with emergencies 24/7. With us, your guests will have a five-star experience, and you’ll have peace of mind and time to enjoy your extra income. 

Speak to the Airbnb Management Experts

Contact us today to discuss your Airbnb management needs. Together we can create a bespoke service that suits your requirements and makes Airbnb easy for you.

Creating the Perfect Airbnb Welcome Pack

As an Airbnb host, there are many ways to make your guest experience special and unique, one of which is the welcome pack. Arriving in an unfamiliar place can be stressful especially if travel plans haven’t worked quite as they should, so it’s important to make your property as welcoming as possible. A well thought out welcome pack will put a smile on guests faces, set a precedent for their stay, and contribute to your positive reviews. 

What to include in your welcome pack

When putting together your welcome pack, put yourself in the mind of your guests and think about what they may want. It really is up to you what you include, but here are some ideas:

A bit about you

It’s nice to know whose property you are staying in, so Introduce yourself to your guests and make sure you include your contact information so they can get hold of you should they need to. 

Emergency details

Hopefully, your guests won’t need these, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Include emergency contact details, instructions for what to do should something go wrong and details of the local doctors, dentists, and hospitals etc. 

Information about your property

You know where everything is and how it all works, but your guests won’t. Make it easy for them by including instructions for how to use appliances and gadgets, details of where they can find things they may need and, of course, don’t forget to write down the Wi-Fi code. The more information you include here, the less likely you are to receive hundreds of phone calls from irritated guests that can’t work the boiler or find where to put the recycling. 

House dos and don’ts

You don’t want to sound too strict here, but you do need to set some ground rules; it is your property after all. If you know your neighbours like quiet, remind your guests to keep noise levels to a minimum in the evenings, or perhaps let them know they can smoke outside only, that pets are to stay off the sofa and that your property is not open for parties. 

Check-out instructions

It is always useful to tell guests what you would like them to do before they leave. Do you need them to strip the sheets, put the dirty towels in the bath or simply shut the door and put the keys back in the key safe? Don’t forget to mention check-out times as well. 

Local area information

Think about including details about your area, such as things to do, places to eat and drink, directions, and public transport options. 

A welcome gift

You don’t need to give your guests a present, but leaving a small token, such as some biscuits, a local delicacy or something seasonal, will make them feel welcome and special. 

A few things to think about 

While a welcome pack is essential to making your guests lives easy, you don’t want to overwhelm them with information. Keep your manual concise, don’t overload it with lots of unnecessary information and make it easy to navigate. Including a contents page ensures your guests can find the information they want when they want it. Otherwise, they may end up flicking through pages of content and missing what it is they’re looking for. 

Hopefully, this has given you a good idea of what to include in your welcome pack, but If you need advice or help putting one together, let us know, we are happy to help

Considerations When Investing in Property For Airbnb Letting

If you’re thinking of investing in a buy to let property, short-term letting sites like Airbnb are very attractive. You have more flexibility and greater earning potential, though there are a few things worth considering before signing on the dotted line. 

Know the rules and regulations 

Every location is different in terms of what they allow you to do. Some, like London for example, strictly regulate short-term lets and limit the number of days you can rent out your space. Therefore, it’s worth doing some research before investing to ensure you can legally do what you are hoping to. Also, think about your mortgage and whether it allows or prevents short-term letting and spend time reviewing your insurance to make sure you’re covered. 

Research your earning potential

In the same way that regulations vary with area, so do demand and earning potential. Properties in tourist or business hotspots are likely to have higher occupancy, for example, and thus bring in more money than those further out of town. Have a look at potential competitors and research your likely occupancy and income before investing and be realistic about your new properties potential. It’s also worth having a look at what events and festivals there are in the area to get an idea of how your earning potential will vary throughout the year. 

Consider your additional spend

Purchasing your buy-to-let property may be the main financial outlay, but it won’t be the only one. You’ll also need to prepare your property for guests, perhaps by decorating or purchasing furniture and take care of the on-going maintenance and cleaning. And, unlike long-term rentals, bill responsibilities fall to you, so think about how much you’ll end up spending monthly on gas, electricity and WIFI, for example. Other potential costs include Airbnb service fees and any hired help, whether that’s the cost of a cleaner or a property management company. 

Be aware of the uncertainty

The flexibility that comes from short-term lets is a major advantage in some senses as you can get access to your property between guests and keep on top of maintenance. But, it does have its downsides. Your Income won’t be regular like it would be with monthly rent, it’ll be up and down, vary seasonally, and you may have quiet periods where you don’t make much. Likewise, however, you may have peak periods where you can charge more and are having to turn people away because of lack of availability. Therefore, if you plan, you should be able to balance your finances throughout the year. 

Factor in your time

With guests coming and going all the time, there’s a lot to do. It’s a good idea to consider the amount of time you’ll spend being a host before you invest to make sure your willing and can make it worth your while. Though, if you are time-limited, you don’t have to lose out. Speak to us; we can take care of everything for you with our comprehensive airbnb property management service.

Tips For Airbnb Maintenance

An Airbnb host needs to carry out a wide range of roles, one of which is property maintenance as it’s important to make sure your property looks fresh and clean for each guest. Not only is it an expectation, but it will also make their stay more positive, boost your reviews, and encourage return visits and word of mouth marketing. It may even lead to guests taking better care of your property because they’ll be more inclined to look after a property that’s in good condition than one that’s run down. 

It doesn’t need to consume all your time though. Keeping your property looking its best is easy if you establish a routine and keep on top of the work; here are a few tips to get you started. 

Keep things simple

The less clutter, furniture, and gadgets you have in your property, the less there is to break or go wrong. It’s important to include everything your guests need, but you don’t need to go over the top. Stick to the basics, and you’ll find you spend a lot less time making sure everything works and is in good condition. 

Establish good habits

It’s a good idea to add checking safety equipment such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as well as other features such as the heating or air conditioning, lightbulbs and WIFI connection to your cleaning routine. If you get in the habit from the start, you’ll check them automatically without thinking about it and never have to worry that your guests will be without. 

Be observant

As you wander around or clean your property, pay attention to everything, and try and look at it from a guest’s perspective. Are there scuffs or scratches on any of your walls, does some of the furniture look a little tired, or could the carpets use a clean? Make a list of everything you see as you see it, so you don’t forget. 

Schedule in time for maintenance

Once you have a list of things you need to do in your property, schedule in times to carry out the work. If you know you have a quiet period with no guests, why not take the opportunity to paint some of the walls or hire a carpet cleaner? Scheduling time to do specific jobs and putting them in your diary will increase the likelihood that you’ll get them done and mean you keep on top of your otherwise ever-growing to-do list. 

Remember you don’t need to do everything yourself

We’re not all good at everything, and that’s OK. If property maintenance is not your strength or you simply dread picking up a paintbrush, enlist the help of someone else, whether that is a decorator to carry out the bigger jobs or perhaps an Airbnb property management company, like us. We can take on many of your routine maintenance tasks such as stock taking, checking everything is working and making a note of broken or worn out items. 

Top Tips For Becoming An Airbnb Superhost

Top Tips For Becoming An Airbnb Superhost

Being an Airbnb superhost is about more than having a badge on your profile. It shows you are experienced, dedicated and consistently able to deliver a high-quality service to your guests. It promotes trust, gives you better visibility in search results and fast-tracked access to the Airbnb support team should you need it. Your income will also likely increase, and Airbnb will reward you with other benefits such as travel coupons. 

Tips For Ensuring a Five Star Review From Every Airbnb Guest

Do you struggle to get five-star reviews from your guests? It’s a problem that all Airbnb hosts face and one that isn’t easy to overcome; some guests love to find things to complain or mark you down about, and others just never opt for the top score. But, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances, starting with understanding the Airbnb review system. Your guests are asked to rate a series of criteria – listed below – from one to five based on their experience. But read on to find out more. 

  1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness should be an easy one to get right. Take time to clean your property properly between every guest and you should do OK. Remember though that some guests are harder to please than others, so if you really want to guarantee that five-star rating every time, go beyond the obvious and clean all those hard to reach places as well. If you struggle to find the time or desire to clean, hire professionals to do it for you; they know what they are doing and will produce top results every time. It could also come as part of a property management package, such as those we offer, so you have plenty of options. 

  1. Accuracy

Accuracy looks at how accurately your advert describes your property and guest experience; it’s all about expectations. Scoring highly here has a lot to do with your property listing. Yes, it is important to sell your property and attract guests, but over exaggerating what you have to offer is your downfall when it comes to reviews, as guests will automatically be disappointed. Be realistic about the space, amenities and local area, and they should score you highly here, especially if you undersell and over deliver.  

  1. Value

Is your property good value for money? This is likely to be a bit subjective as everyone’s expectations are different, but it’s about getting your prices right. Yes, you want to maximise your income, but the higher your prices, the higher the expectations. The best thing you can do is have a look at your competitors and see what they are charging. If you want to charge more, think about how you can increase your offerings and add value to your service, perhaps through early and late check-in, leaving a welcome gift or teaming up with a local tourist attraction to offer discounted tickets to guests. 

  1. Communication

For some, Airbnb is a riskier option than a hotel. Communication is therefore not just important in terms of the Airbnb algorithm - it favours hosts that respond quickly – but also in terms of building trust and making your guests feel relaxed and welcome. If you answer questions quickly, provide helpful answers and are contactable before, during and even after their stay, you should score highly here. Also, leave your contact details in the property and act quickly in case of problems, or, alternatively, keep your social life and let us be on call and act for you 24/7; we’ll always respond quickly. 

  1. Check-in

Your guests may be arriving at your property after a long journey, be tired, hungry and laden with luggage. The last thing they’ll want is hassle and a long, drawn out check-in, so make it as simple as possible. Greeting your guests in person builds rapport and trust, but if that’s not possible, you can always opt for a key safe and personalised welcome pack. Whatever option you choose though, make sure your guests know how to find your property and what to do when they arrive and have contingencies in place for if they are delayed and can’t make the agreed time.  

  1. Location

You can’t do anything to change your location; your property is where it is. But, what you can do is give an honest depiction of your area in your property description, so your guests arrive knowing what to expect and are not disappointed. If you’re in a tourist or business hotspot and close to all the greatest attractions, your area will sell itself, but if not, that doesn’t mean you have to accept a low score. Make an effort to show off the local highlights in your welcome pack, a cosy restaurant, beautiful walk or even the handy transport links that mean your guests can get wherever they want. 

  1. Overall experience

The best way to score highly here is to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and think about what they would want to make their stay as memorable as possible. There are some obvious things you should do like make sure your property is clean, functional and comfortable but it’s the small touches that make the difference, and those will depend on the types of guests you are trying to attract. 

Speak to the Airbnb Management Experts

One of the most important things to remember, though, is that reviews are a lot about the host. You can have the best property ever, but if they didn’t get on with you as a person and found you unhelpful or distant, they are less likely to remember their stay positively. Make an effort to be friendly; smile, be helpful and build rapport with your guests and see your reviews soar.  If you need more help or advice though, give us a call, and we’ll see how we can help. 

Our Guide to Making Your Airbnb Eco-Friendly

From plastic waste and chemicals to air pollution and climate change, the environment is a hot topic currently, with many people looking to adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle. Given that single properties are more environmentally-friendly than hotels that drain energy and resources, you’re already well placed as an Airbnb host to attract the more eco-conscious traveller. But, make a few alterations to your property, and you’ll really be able to tap into this ever-growing demographic.

Encourage Public Transport Use

Taking an eco-friendly approach to hosting begins before your guests arrive; promoting public transport and making travel to your property easy is one of the first things you can do. Provide local timetables, maps and directions from the airport or local train station to encourage your guests to use public transport rather than taxis or hire cars. You could also go one step further and provide bicycles for them to use while staying with you.

Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

There is a whole range of eco-friendly cleaning products available to buy nowadays so making the switch from harmful chemicals is easy. Look for plant-derived, chemical-free products that avoid animal testing. You could also reduce your plastic use by choosing brands that enable you to refill the containers rather than buying new ones every time. 

Purchase Eco-Friendly Toiletries 

In the same way you can buy eco-friendly cleaning products, you can opt for natural toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, and conditioners; the less harmful chemicals you have in your property, the better. You could also consider providing bars of soap rather than liquid soap in plastic bottles or again opt for refillable products or companies that take their containers back and reuse them. 

Install Tap Aerators

Tap aerators are a simple way to reduce your water usage. They aerate the water as it comes out the tap, reducing the amount of water wasted by guests washing their hands or their dishes. The flow of water remains the same, so you don’t need to worry about your guests noticing the difference. 

Choose Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs and Appliances

Fitting your property with energy saving light bulbs and other energy-efficient appliances will reduce how much energy your guests use during their stay.  You could also remind guests to switch off lights and other gadgets when they are not in use to reduce wasted energy; it will lower your monthly bills too. 

Make Recycling Easy

Recycling procedures differ from place to place, so your guests won’t automatically know what goes where. Make recycling easy for them by leaving clear instructions and providing separate labelled bins. 

Keep a Supply of Reusable Shopping Bags

There’s a good chance that your guests will need to shop while staying in your property. Save them the trouble of having to use plastic bags by supplying reusable ones for them to use while staying with you. 

Think About Your Outdoor Space

If you have a garden that needs tending to and plants to water, make it more eco-friendly by using a water butt to collect rainwater for your plants and adding a compost heap for food waste. Wildlife-friendly areas, bird feeders, nest boxes and herb gardens all add an extra eco-touch to your garden as well; there is loads you could do outside and not all of it requires a lot of effort.

Speak to the Airbnb Management Experts

If you have any questions regarding Airbnb property management, ecological or otherwise, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.