Airbnb Hosting Tips For The Festive Season

Christmas is an expensive time of year, and a little extra spending money wouldn’t go amiss for most people. Not everyone wants to host during the festive season – and there is definitely something to be said for avoiding letting your guest’s check-in and out on days you should be eating, drinking and being merry with friends and family – but it can be a rewarding experience that brings in the extra income you need. So, if you are embracing the Christmas spirit and opening your home or other properties to visitors this year, here’s a few tips for festive hosting.

Make it Look Like Christmas

It doesn’t take much to put up a tree and some lights, so embrace the Christmas spirit and decorate your home; your guests will surely appreciate your efforts. It doesn’t have to be much either, just enough to make them feel at home and festive. While decorating the outside and entrance adds a welcoming touch, inside, consider small touches such as stockings over the fireplace or an elf on the shelf to help Santa with his naughty and nice list.

Give Your Welcome Pack a Festive Makeover

While you probably already provide a welcome pack and manual for your guests, it may not be season specific, but it can be! For example, if you provide a welcome drink or snack, consider switching it to mulled wine or Christmas cake. Alternatively, add festive hot spots such as ice rinks or Christmas markets to your manual and include the opening and closing times of local shops or restaurants that may be closed over the festive season.

Give a Little Something Extra

The Christmas tradition of gift-giving is not one to be ignored. Give your guests a little something extra this year and you’ll see a smile appear on their faces and positive reviews on your Airbnb profile. Like the decorations, you don’t need to go over the top and spend a fortune; a small gesture is all it takes. A Christmas card doesn’t take much, but why not buy a bottle of wine, some festive food or even some local produce; and, if you want to make it that bit more special, wrap it and put it under the tree for your guests to find when they settle in.

Think Cosy Thoughts

With Christmas comes winter and cold weather, so keep your guests warm and cosy. Making sure that your boiler and heating is working is one thing, ensuring you have a backup plan in place in case it breaks down is another, but add logs for the fire, and blankets to add a little something extra. Candles are a great idea; they won’t make a big difference to the heat, but they will give your place a warm feel and can even make it smell like Christmas!

Provide Entertainment

Everyone loves a Christmas movie and games go a long way to bringing people together, so stock up with DVDs, games and other entertainment that will keep your guests entertained no matter the weather outside.

Airbnb Property Management From Elite

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