AirBnB Tips: Making Your Property Stand Out

With so many properties on Airbnb, making your property standout can be a challenge. But, with a bit of work and a few small changes, you can boost your property listing and increase your income. We have put together a few tips for you here, but if you are stuck and would like help making your property more appealing, Elite Property Management can help - contact us to find out how!

Give Your Listing a Catchy Title

Your listing title maybe short, but it’s what your potential guests see first. A good heading will encourage people to click on your property rather than simply scrolling past, so make it count. Tell your guests what you have to offer and include specifics. For example, if you live within walking distance to a landmark, tourist hotspot or conference venue, say so, and combine it with your properties best feature - “Spacious two-bed flat within walking distance of the Royal Mile”. This can be made more effective by targeting your features to your preferred guests - “Cosy flat with balcony perfect for romantic get-away” or “Spacious kid-friendly home overlooking the beach”. Also, remember that titles can be updated. So, if your area has events or festivals update your title to attract the incoming crowds - “Modern flat with parking five mins drive from conference centre”.

Make Your Description Count

It can be tempting to include every detail, but don’t go overboard as people don’t have the time or patience to read long wordy descriptions. Keep it short and sweet, use bullet points to list amenities, and sell the experience, not the features. For example, rather than saying a house with garden or apartment in the town centre, why not say “Enjoy the evening sun and relax in the garden with a glass of wine” or “Immerse yourself in our culture and live like a local in this central apartment that’s minutes’ walk from bars and restaurants”. It is a good idea to brainstorm what you think your guests would like and what they may Google, and answer questions before they ask. So, if advertising to families, say you have games to entertain the kids and a cot for babies to sleep in or for business people sell the smell of fresh coffee from your coffee machine in the morning.

Take Stunning Photographs

Photographs can really make a difference on Airbnb, and will often be what clinches the final decision, so put some thought into them. Professional photographers will make your space look great, but if this isn’t an option, there are a few things you can do to increase the appeal. Firstly, stage the space. Tidy up, put away the clutter and think about what you can do to make your property look like the perfect holiday get-away. This could be folding towels in the bathroom or on the bed, laying out food or a bottle of wine on the side in the kitchen or putting a beautiful vase of flowers in the lounge. Ensure your photos are bright so take them during the day when you have as much natural light as possible and think about which angle you want to photograph from – shooting into a corner can add dimension to a room.

Build Up Your Host Profile

Airbnb is as much about the experience as it is finding a place to stay, so people like to know who their hosts are. There is also a trust element here; Airbnb can feel riskier than a hotel, and some people may be nervous about staying with strangers. And, this is where the host profile can really make a difference. Fill in as much as possible and link to your social media profiles – the more people know about you as a host, the more they are likely to trust you. And don’t forget your profile photo: make it natural and friendly. Reviews are also an excellent way to appeal to guests, so collect as many positive ones as possible.

Be Active and Be Responsive

Airbnb likes hosts that are active and keep listings and calendars up to date – do this and will go up in their search rankings. Respond to guest enquiries and booking requests as quickly as possible, and spend time on the Airbnb site keeping your profiles current. As well as being favoured by Airbnb algorithms, the great customer service will increase the likelihood of getting good reviews.

Spend a Night in Your Property

You may think your property has everything it needs, but how do you know unless you experience it like a guest would? Spend a night pretending to be a guest and you will likely identify improvements that will transform your property and make it stand out. This could be small things like adding an extra extension lead to the bedroom so guests can charge phones next to the bed or increasing storage space in the bathroom, or it could be bigger things like redecorating a room or replacing uncomfortable furniture, but whatever it is making a list and working your way through it will improve the overall experience for guests.

Keep Well Stocked

No one wants to run out of anything so ensuring your Airbnb property is stocked up with all the essentials, like toilet roll or tea and coffee, should be a given. But, if you really want to make your place stand out then stock it up in other ways as well. Think about what your guests may want and fill your property with it, whether it is books, games or DVDs. If you are in a tourist area, travel guides and suggested places to go are great, as are maps and public transport information.