Focus on Business Travellers in Edinburgh With Airbnb

Having a target market for your Airbnb property can help to focus your marketing strategy and optimise your property profile. But which target market is for you? While tourists may be the obvious people to concentrate on, you may want to explore the business community. Business travellers are starting to look for more homely accommodation that frees them from the hotel room and gives them the opportunity to immerse themselves in their temporary home. If you need more persuading, we have put together a few reasons below along with some tips to help you reach out to your new audience.

Why should you focus on business travellers?

Firstly, money! Consider that business travellers probably have higher budgets than other travellers and are more likely to pay higher rates during expensive seasons – while tourists can decide to go elsewhere, business travellers may not have that luxury, so will pay whatever rates they have too.

Secondly, time and input from you. Business travellers are likely to be with you for a week rather than for two days over the weekend, so there are fewer check-ins and changeovers, but also, they are there for business, not pleasure. Providing everything runs smoothly with your property, you’re unlikely to receive countless requests and questions; they will be working and want to be left alone.

Thirdly, the very nature of the visit means your guests are unlikely to have parties, drink excessively or have kids running around; the chance of damage is reduced. And, if they are happy with your property, think repeat business; they will be back!

How can you attract business traveller to your Airbnb property?

To attract business travellers, think like a business person. Fill your property will amenities they will look for and include the highlights in your profile. For example, if you are close to the business district or that popular conference venue, make sure you include that in your profile heading. Business travellers are time-limited and won’t spend hours scrolling through Airbnb properties, so turn on instant booking and make it easy for them to find you.

Free WiFi is essential, as is a dedicated place to work; set-up a desk with plenty of sockets – an extension lead if required – and make it comfortable. Other things to think about include an iron and ironing board, hangers and an empty wardrobe, a hair dryer and a coffee machine for those early mornings. If you have the space and can accommodate more than one person, consider adding a table that can act as a meeting room, so they can re-group and talk business without having to balance notes on their laps in the lounge.

Finally, make check-in as hassle-free as possible. Flexibility and fitting around your schedule won’t be an option, so consider key safes or digital locks that can be accessed 24/7 without you. Once in the property, make their life easy with a detailed manual and a map of the area; restaurant suggestions will also be welcome.

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