8 Tips For Taking Photos to Show Off Your Airbnb Property

When it comes to advertising your Airbnb property, photos are worth 1,000 words and can be the difference between your property being fully booked or empty; it’s worth getting them right, although it can be difficult to do. You could ask Airbnb to take photos for you or hire a professional photographer but with the tips below you may find that you’ll be able to take great photos yourself.

Take a Look Around

Firstly, for ideas, have a look at what others on Airbnb are doing, see what you like and equally, what you don’t. Also, take note of the fact that Airbnb display photos in landscape; avoid taking them in portrait if possible as they won’t look as good on your profile.

Stage Your Property

Before taking photos, get your property guest ready. It should be a given that it is clean and tidy but also think about removing unnecessary clutter and adding a few appealing extras such as a vase of flowers on the table, wine glasses on the balcony or fresh bread in the kitchen. The more inviting you make your property, the more likely it is you’ll attract guests.

Be Honest

It is understandable to want to make your property look as attractive as possible but setting unrealistic expectations will only lead to unsatisfied customers and negative reviews. Only include items in your photos that will be in your property when your guests arrive - don’t show off a huge flat screen TV but then remove it after the photos have been taken and replace it with a smaller less impressive one; your guests will notice!

Speak to Your Audience

If you have a target market, make sure your photos appeal to them. This means showing off the features they look for, such as a desk and working space for business people or games and your garden complete with climbing frame for children.

Take a Variety of Pictures

You want to show off your property as much as possible so take photos from all different locations and show off amenities and highlights, such as your beautiful sea view, hot tub or coffee machine. Don’t forget to take your camera outside as well, especially if you have nice outdoor areas for your guests to enjoy.

Consider the Angle

Have a play with your camera and take photos from all different angles in each room. Try to keep vertical lines such as doorways straight though and consider that shooting into corners can be a great way to add some perspective to your photos.

Lighten Up

Light photos look far more appealing than dark ones, so take all your photos during the day with your curtains open and lights switched on.


Finally, quality matters so try to take photos in as high a resolution as possible, edit them using editing software such as photoshop to remove any imperfections and upload as many as possible to give potential guests as much to look at as possible.