Tailoring Your Airbnb for Different Guests

Some Airbnb properties are better suited to certain types of guest than others.

A sleek city centre apartment close to the business district may be ideal for professionals, but perhaps not for holidaying families. Identifying your guests and marketing specifically to them is a great way of ensuring your listing is a success, but that’s not all you can do. A few special touches can make all the difference.

Business travellers

Business travellers have very specific needs. They’re working hard rather than holidaying and appreciate convenience and a bit of peace and quiet. If you want to appeal to business guests, think about adding the following to your property:

  • A good-quality coffee machine. While not essential, a fresh cup of coffee on demand can appeal to guests up early for work.

  • An iron and ironing board. Business people need to appear well dressed, so ensure that an iron is available.

  • A dedicated workspace. Guests may need to work while onsite so set up a workplace area with desk, office chair, good lighting, and plenty of power sockets for electronics.

  • A few helpful extras. Add add few extras such as printer and scanner, laptop stand and second screen, wireless keyboard and mouse, or anything else your guests may find beneficial or may have forgotten!

Families with young children

Travelling with children can be stressful. If you’re catering for families with young kids, think about how you can reduce stress and make things easier for parents.

  • Safety first. Safety is paramount for young children, they like to explore everything. Therefore, place cleaning products and chemicals out of harms way, add baby gates, and remove choking hazards. Think about covering sharp corners, attaching furniture to walls, and removing visible wires. The garden is just as important, particularly if you have a pond that needs fencing in, so don’t forget to look outside too.

  • A few helpful essentials. From prams to changing bags and baby baths, children need a lot of stuff. Make packing easier for parents by providing a few essentials like a cot and high chair that they can use while staying with you.

  • Think about convenience. Help parents by adding a dedicated changing area or by stocking the kitchen with child-friendly unbreakable kitchenware and non-spill cups. Think about floors that are easy to wipe clean and other amenities such as dishwashers that save time on cleaning.

  • Entertainment. Children don’t sit still so help keep them entertained by setting up a play area with games, toys, and books. You could also subscribe to children’s TV channels or keep a supply of age-appropriate DVDs in the house for a rainy day. If you have a garden, a climbing frame or garden games all add appeal to your property.

The elderly or those with limited mobility

If you’re popular with elderly guests, those with disabilities or even recovering patients, accessibility is where you want to focus your attention.

  • Accessible. If there are stairs leading to your front door, consider adding a wheelchair ramp to make it easily accessible for everyone. Likewise, if you’ve stairs inside, consider keeping everything downstairs, to avoid mobility issues.

  • Remove trip hazards. Make sure your guests can get around easily by keeping clutter to a minimum and by keeping the floors free of trip hazards.

  • Consider your lighting. Avoid guests having to move around in the dark, ensuring property is well lit and light switches are conveniently placed. Alternatively, think about adding motion sensors to your lights, so they come on automatically

  • Make your bathroom safe. Bathrooms are a common place for accidents in the home. Reduce that chance by adding anti-slip mats, sit down showers, handrails and any other features that make it safer for your guests.

If you need further ideas or are stuck for how to appeal to other types of guest not mentioned here, contact us, and we will help you get your property ready!