How to Get Exposure For Your Airbnb Property

So, you’ve done all the preparations for your Airbnb property, your personal and property profiles are live and you are ready for guests to start coming through the doors, but how do you go about attracting them, especially with all the competition you face? Start by ensuring that your profiles are as complete as possible and that you request reviews from all your guests. But, if you want to do more to attract people, here are a few ideas.

  • Make your own memorable URL instead of relying on Airbnb’s nonpersonal one. Creating a URL that reflects your listing is easy and cheap to do and will make your property easier to find. Once you have created it, set-up a redirect that sends everyone over to your Airbnb profile or take it one step further and create a simple webpage or website for your property that links to your Airbnb profile for further information and booking.

  • Think like a business and make business cards. Business cards are a great way to advertise your property and your new unique URL. Keep a few in your wallet and hand them out to friends, family and anyone you meet who may either be looking for a place to stay or know someone that is. Alternatively, create leaflets for your property and leave them in relevant places, like tourist information or anywhere else people may be looking for accommodation ideas.

  • Be active online and utilise social media to spread the word of your property. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great tools; keep your accounts up to date with photos of your property and also travel ideas – upload photos of all the hotspots and sites people may want to visit when staying with you.

  • Start talking to everyone about your property. Word of mouth is an effective form of marketing and also a way of getting advice and hosting tips. Share stories with other hosts, sell the benefits to potential guests and ask everyone to spread the word for you. The same can be said for online platforms – take advantage of Airbnb groups and any other relevant forums. The more active you are, the more well-known your property will become.

  • Give guests an incentive and promote special offers. Everyone loves a bargain, so entice guests by offering them a discount or an added extra if they book with you – can you get cheap tickets to a local tourist destination or to somewhere that books up well in advance? If so, advertise it! Offers can be geared towards first-time guests or designed to encourage repeat business – how about a 10% off voucher for their next stay with you or if they recommend you to a friend.

  • Advertise on Facebook or Google. OK, so this requires a bit of investment, but the ability to target your ads specifically to the people you are trying to reach may make it worthwhile – at least, don’t rule it out.

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