Tips For Airbnb Hosts

Whether you’re new to the Airbnb hosting community or simply looking to get a bit more out of your existing listing, here’s a few tips to help.

Before You Start

Making money on Airbnb isn’t quite as simple as it sounds; there is a certain amount of time and money you need to put in for to work. So, before you start advertising and inviting guests into your home, here’s a few things to consider.

  1. Are you allowed to?
    Before you do anything it’s worth checking with your mortgage provider to make sure they don’t have a problem with you renting out all or part of your property to guests. Likewise, if renting, check with your landlord first as many leases prevent subletting.

  2. Do you have the time?
    Assess how much time you have to dedicate to being a host and whether you are willing to spend some of your free time cleaning and washing between guests; you also need to be available for check-ins. Having said that, not having time doesn’t have to stop you as Elite Property Management can help take care of your guests for you!

  3. Does your insurance cover you?
    Standard home insurance policies may not cover you for loss or damage as a result of paying guests so an upgrade may be in order. Airbnb does have a host guarantee but it won’t cover everything so it’s best to check and whatever you do, let your insurance company know what you are up to.

Marketing Your Airbnb Property

Good marketing is what’s going to get your guests through your door. Get this wrong and you may find you struggle to fill your space.

  1. Take good photographs
    When it comes to advertising your property, photographs are worth more than words. Clean, tidy and stage your property before taking photographs and ensure they are well lit. If you’re struggling it may be worth hiring a professional to take them for you.

  2. Sell the benefits
    Spend time getting your advert right and remember to list the benefits and most attractive features such as ample parking, walking distance to the city centre or five min drive from the conference venue.

  3. Be honest
    Under promise and over deliver. If your guests get more than they’re expecting they’ll leave better reviews than if they discover your description over-sold your property.

Master the Basics

There are certain things that every Airbnb host should master, regardless of how involved they want to be in their guest’s experience.

  1. Be good at communicating
    Your guests want to know what’s going on, so make sure they know. Explain check in and check out procedures and provide directions and information on how best to find you. Let them know what they can and can’t do in your home and answer questions promptly.

  2. Make sure your property is fully stocked
    No guest wants to ask for things they need, so ensure your property is stocked with the essentials such as toilet roll and enough cutlery in the kitchen for the number of guests you have staying. Toiletries and things like tea, coffee and milk in the kitchen are a nice touch as well.

  3. Have a contingency plan
    No matter how prepared you are, things can always go wrong. But, problems like the TV breaking or shower going cold shouldn’t reflect badly on you provided that you respond quickly and efficiently. Have the number of a plumber and electrician to hand and spare keys ready in case your guests get locked out.

Going Above and Beyond

There’s a lot of competition on Airbnb, so it can be hard to stand out. But, it doesn’t take much to enhance your hosting skills.

  1. Provide a warm welcome
    Consider writing handwritten welcome notes for your guests or if you like baking, why not leave some freshly baked cookies for them to enjoy when they arrive after a long journey. Locally produced treats can be a nice touch – is your area famous for something your guests maybe interested in sampling?

  2. Use your local knowledge
    Unless perhaps you have regulars visiting on business, your guests are likely new to the area and won’t know the best places to eat, drink or visit. They may have Googled the hotspots, but direct them to the lesser known local gems to make their experience truly unique and memorable.

  3. Add personal touches
    Your guests have everything they need, but do they everything they want? Think about what your target guests and how you can improve their stay. For example, if your property is listed as dog friendly, perhaps suggest some local dog walks or leave a dog treat or two. Alternatively, if you are marketing to families, do you have entertainment for kids? A games console or board games perhaps.