Tips For Keeping Your Airbnb Property in Great Condition

Airbnb guests may be looking for a unique experience they wouldn’t get in a hotel, but that doesn’t mean they don’t expect your property to be kept in great condition. The more care you take, the happier and more comfortable your guests will be, and satisfied guests leave glowing reviews!

Be organised and make a to-do-list

There are many things to do between guests and sometimes you maybe time limited. Establishing a routine and writing to-do-lists will ensure that you keep on top of all your hosting jobs and nothing gets forgotten.

Know what you have and keep an inventory

It’s easier to keep everything in working order, if you know exactly what you have in the first place. Whilst you can vet and review Airbnb guests, sometimes somethings may go missing or simply just run out. Keeping an inventory of all your belongings and going through it between guests will give you peace of mind that your property is stocked with everything it needs. For usable items such as shampoo or welcome gifts, purchase in bulk and keep receipts separate from your personal finances and make your accounting life easy.

Keep it clean and tidy up

Cleaning your property should be a given – no one wants to stay in dirty accommodation. Establish a cleaning routine and include often forgotten places such as plug holes and skirting boards. A deep clean may not be necessary after every guest, but should be carried out regularly and also consider that things like carpets can get dirty and will benefit from a proper clean every so often.

Pay attention and keep on top of small jobs

As you clean and prepare your property for your next guests, pay attention and notice anything that may need replacing or fixing. Wear and tear is given in any property and sometimes things break, but don’t let the small jobs build up – sort out any issues straight away. The same goes for jobs like painting. If you notice scuffs on a wall or that a room is just looking a little tired, a coat of paint can go a long way to brightening up the space.

Do some gardening and don’t forget about outdoor spaces

OK, so gardening won’t apply to everyone, but if you have a garden, maintain it. You don’t need to go over the top and become a world-class gardener; small tasks such as cutting the grass, cleaning up leaves and planting some flowers will improve your outdoor space massively. Also consider making the space usable and pleasant to sit in by adding some garden furniture.

Outsource Your Airbnb Property Management

One way to ensure that your property remains in great condition and is hotel standard for your guests is to outsource your property management. Elite Property Management can do everything you need from cleaning and washing to maintenance and keeping an inventory. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the most of your Airbnb hosting experience.