Airbnb Property Interior Design Tips

Getting your advert right and bringing guests into your property is one thing, but giving them a positive experience they remember is another, and interior design has a big part to play. How you decorate can make your guests feel welcome, at home and happy or unsettled, stressed and downhearted. But, the good news is, you don’t need to be an expert designer to make your property look good, you can achieve amazing results with just a few simple touches.

Decorate with your guests in mind

Design is a personal thing. What works for one person, won’t work for someone else. The best way to ensure your property appeals to a wide range of people rather than a niche market with tastes that match your own, is to use neutral colours and keep things clean and simple - you don’t need to spend a fortune either, cheap and cheerful can work wonders. Decorate with your target market in mind though, so avoid the sleek minimalist look if your guests are mostly families looking for a snug home away from home.

Start with the outside

First impressions count, and your guests will have formed theirs before they even step through the door, so don’t neglect the outside. Think practically first off and make sure that doorbells, locks and key safes work so arrival is as pain free as possible. Then think design; add a fresh coat of paint to the front door, cut the grass and tidy up, or go one step further by adding a welcome mat or planting some flowers. But, keep the entrance clutter free as guests will have luggage and will be looking for somewhere to put it – the same goes for the hallway inside.

Select a theme

We’re not talking about going over the top here, but selecting a theme that celebrates your location can add consistency and character to your property. If you are by the beach consider a seaside theme, but if hidden in the wilderness opt for a log cabin and nights by the fire. Whatever the theme, carry it through the entire property to create something spectacular that will wow your guests.

Focal point

Appealing to everyone means keeping things simple and neutral, but adding a focal point that catches the eye and gets people talking will make your place stand out against all the others. This could be a feature wall, interesting piece of art or even a brightly coloured or patterned sofa. Place it in a central location and decorate around it, choosing colours and pieces that compliment to really showcase it.


Lighting is vital to making your space inviting. Whether you have ample natural light flooding through your home or need to create light with the addition of soft lamps, make sure that your space is bright. Strategically placed mirrors spread light around by reflecting it from one room to another, so if your lacking in light, try adding some decorative mirrors – they are useful when getting ready also.

Think practical

Space can’t just be nice looking, it needs to be practical too and fit for purpose. Consider using futons in the lounge as they can be used to accommodate extra guests when needed and include ample storage so they can put away their belongings. You may need to get creative in small spaces, but there is always an option. Finally, don’t ignore small details such as the number and position of plugs; your guests will want to charge their phones and other electrical equipment and will want usability while doing so – don’t make them sit on the floor or stand in the corner!

And a few extra touches

Finally, the small touches. Colourful flowers can brighten up any home, but if you need more ideas, speak to us. Elite can help with tailored Airbnb property management solutions, just get in touch to find out how.