Tips For Encouraging Airbnb Bookings in the Low Season

January is a month for staying inside, hiding from the cold weather and recovering from the madness of Christmas. It can be hard to secure bookings for your Airbnb property during the low season; a dip in interest should be expected, but that doesn’t mean you should shut the door and give up. There are plenty of things you can do to ensure guests keep booking in; here’s a few to get you started.

Determine who your ideal guests are and market to them specifically

This is something you should be doing year-round; no property suits everyone. Selecting your ideal guests, whether families, couples or business people, and designing your marketing accordingly, will help you fill your calendar. But, it is worth considering whether you appeal to the same people year-round. For example, if you have a large property that appeals to families in summer, but not in winter, can you remarket to couples that are looking for a cosy getaway? Lock some bedrooms, retake the photographs and create a cosy one-bedroom property perfect for that romantic January escape. Don’t forget to update your listing with relevant headings, stress the benefits to your new guests and perhaps even reduce your minimum stay length.

Price competitively

OK, so may need to drop your prices to attract people during the low season when there is reduced interest and more competition, but before you do, do your research and be sure to stay competitive. Also, don’t opt for the same price all season, remember to put them up again if a conference, festival or market comes to town.

Give guests an incentive to stay with you

The low season is a great time to start experimenting with special offers. Perhaps try offering three nights for the price of two, or adding extras to your booking such as a meal out or reduced tickets to a local event. Repeat custom and word of mouth are important for any business; capitalise on this by offering money off a second booking, or a refer a friend voucher. Options are endless, but whatever you decide, be sure to spread the word!

Make the most of social media

Whether you already market your Airbnb property on social media or not, now is the time to ensure you are using it to its full potential. Post photographs of your property and area during the low season to show how beautiful your town looks in snow or how warm and cosy it is curled up by your fire. A blog takes some time, but it opens up great marketing opportunities - consider ‘Five things to do in Edinburgh this winter’ for example!