Tips to Ensure Your Airbnb is Neighbour-Friendly

When it comes to putting your property on Airbnb, it isn’t just your guests experience you need to think about; you also need to consider your neighbours. If your guests are noisy, messy or just generally difficult, your neighbours are likely to find out before you, and the impact on them could be greater. Keep everyone happy by doing these six things:

Speak to Your Neighbours

Before your first guests arrive, speak to your neighbours. Let them know that you are putting your property on Airbnb so they should expect to see strangers walking in and out. Give them your mobile number and reassure them that they can contact you at any time should they have any concerns or want to report a problem. The more you communicate, the less likely they are to make a fuss.

Vet Your Guests

While you can let guests book instantly, keep your neighbours happy by making the most of your ability to vet people before they make a reservation. That way you can avoid guests with negative reviews or stag and hen parties that are likely to upset your neighbours. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either, and if you have any doubt, say no.

Write Down Rules For Your Property

Airbnb has a set of general rules for guests to follow, but don’t be afraid to add to them; they won’t be specific to your property. For example, if you know your neighbours have young children and go to bed early, set a quiet time - no noise after 10 pm.

Leave Detailed Instructions For Guests

This is similar to rules, but the more guidance you give your guests, the less likely they are to annoy your neighbours. Leave instructions, for example, about where to put rubbish and recycling, where to dry washing, or when and how they can use communal areas.

React Quickly

Hopefully, everything will go without a glitch, but if not, be prepared and react quickly. Solving problems before they escalate, whether on your own or through Airbnb’s reporting system, will show your neighbours that you are in control.

Speak To Us

Elite Property Management are experienced at looking after Airbnb properties, so you don’t have to. We can take over everything from the cleaning, to check-ins/check-outs and dealing with problems as they arise. Speak to us today to see how we can help you keep both your guests and neighbours happy!