Edinburgh Airbnb Host Starter's Guide

A lot of Airbnb hosts are totally new to the hospitality industry and it's easy to make mistakes in the early stages. Take a look at our guide for newcomers to Airbnb, you may pick up a few invaluable tips that can set you on your way to success.

Take Good Pictures of Your Airbnb Property

Pictures that are blurry or have bad lighting reflect badly on any space, no matter how good it may be in reality. Use pictures that are bright and clear to capture the real feel of your Airbnb. Also, if you don't upload many pictures, this likely to put people off as they have no idea what the whole property looks like.

Ensure Your Property Meets and Exceeds the Standards Guests Expect

Having your Airbnb thoroughly cleaned and well organised goes a long way towards impressing guests, it's so simple but makes a big difference, this will be reflected in reviews. Make sure you stock up on essentials and little extras such as spare linen and towels.

Be Organised

Keep your calendar up-to-date to ensure there are no double bookings that result in you having to cancel a guest's booking. This can be extremely frustrating if someone feels like they have found the perfect place to stay. They are highly unlikely to book with you again and may warn others to avoid booking with you as well.

Communication is Key

Be straight-forward and clear with guests about what you expect from guests and what they should expect from you. Consider what guests may need from you and be prepared. This includes making the wi-fi login available to them, explaining parking and providing local recommendations. Providing tips about the local area can make a big difference to a visitor, even small things such as local shops or supermakrets and places to have lunch and dinner.

Be Honest

Never embelish about your Airbnb rental, not even slightly. A little marketing speak is helpful when trying to 'sell' your Airbnb to potential guests, however, this should not stray into out-right lies about the size of it it, number of people it sleeps or the overall condition.

Connectivity is Crucial

You should have wifi available at your property, in all liklihood your guests will have booked online and will want internet access during their stay. If you expect to have a foreign visitors then it is a good idea to provide a few adaptors for electrical outlets, it's very common for travellers to forget these and small gestures like this are noticed and appreciated.

Make the Space Unique

It's a good idea to look at what other Airbnb hosts are doing with their properties, it can give you a few bright ideas, but be original too. You don't have to go for anything outrageous, get the essentials into your space and put your own spin and personality into them.

Keep On Top of Potential Defects

Guests are likely to complain or leave bad reviews if they spot easily avoidable hazards in your Airbnb, such as an annoying dripping tap or light bulbs that don't work. Much worse, if your property is unsafe for any reason and you have not done your best to remove hazards then your are at risk of a claim when a guest is injured.

Interact With Guests

Try to strike a balance between being a helpful host and respecting your guest's personal space. Some guests enjoy meeting new people and will happily chat with you for a while upon arrival, others prefer to be left to their own devices.

Speak to the Airbnb Management Experts

If you have any questions regarding Airbnb, particularly the property management, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to provide advice and guidance as well as tailoring Airbnb property management solutions to meet your needs and make your life easier.