Thinking Of Joining The Airbnb Revolution in 2019?

Are you away from your property for long periods of time - maybe on business - or travelling abroad for some of the year? Or maybe you’re looking to rent out a second home as an investment opportunity?

Getting Started With Elite Property Management

If you’ve a spare bed, a room or an entire property and want to boost your income - often substantially - the airbnb model is growing in reputation, is relatively simple and can be lucrative for you. There are many property management companies operating airbnb very successfully, both locally and nationally, but here in Edinburgh, Elite Property Management goes that extra mile for those who let their properties (known as hosts). With a professional property management company behind you, there are high odds that your house guests will fully enjoy living in your property.

What’s Involved In Being A Host?

It isn’t just a matter of letting people into your home though. There’s a fair bit of time and effort required, especially at the outset. Firstly, there is building the right airbnb profile for you as well as advertising your property and getting it ready for guests. Then there’s marketing, guest communication and actually being at the property to do a full handover at check-in and also being in attendance when guests are leaving your home.

Airbnb Property Management Experts

Does this sound like hard work? Elite Property Management can help. Our team of dedicated airbnb property management experts can arrange everything for you, reducing your time commitments and daily stress levels. And it starts when you talk to us about creating a bespoke profile for you.

Save Time, Effort And Make Money

Elite works very closely with you at all stages through the letting process. As well as helping you get started as a host, we’ll take the pressure off you, by carrying out the following services:

  • making sure you have an appropriate property letting listing to attract the right clientele, be it families on short term breaks or business travellers, needing a convenient base

  • we’ll help you automate all of your guest communications and create an inviting welcome Pack

  • we’ll also give you tips to help you avoid time wasters and troublemakers causing potential problems.

Elite Takes Care Of All Your Airbnb Property Management Needs

We clean and maintain your property to a professional standard, including the provision of little extras such as toiletries - and unlike many other airbnb companies - we can handle the meet and greet with your guests, if you’re unable to do so. This latter point more than any other is a unique selling point for Elite, as other competitors often don’t provide this service.

Elite Can Help You Get 5 Star Reviews

With Elite Property Management, you’ll get all the benefits of renting your property on airbnb, but without any of the hassle. We know what it takes to be a five star host and will ensure your property is always kept to a high standard and that your guests are well looked after.

You can sit back and enjoy your extra income – contact us now to get started!