Getting Your Airbnb Property Ready For Spring

Edinburgh is a beautiful and vibrant city, with many visitor attractions rich in culture with centuries of history to lose yourself in. From The Old Town of The Castle and The Royal Mile in the New Town with it’s cosmopolitan feel there is always something going on. Spring is a particularly beautiful time of year though; the days become longer, the sky that bit clearer and nature comes to life all over the city. As it’s outwith the Summer season with the Festival, it’s also a time when visitors can explore key landmarks more easily and at a slightly slower pace.

Getting Your Airbnb Property Ready For Spring

The airbnb property management revolution continues apace as we move into 2019, and you can be a part of it! If you’re away from home, abroad, on business, or travelling a lot, you’ll probably be interested in becoming a landlord and renting your property - or maybe even just a room in it - to holidaymakers coming into our capital city. It’s easy to get started when you contact Elite Property Management, who’ll take care of all aspects of property letting for you, whatever your specific needs are. It may seem a while away but Spring will be with us before we know it.

Elite’s Tips For A Deep Spring Clean

Naturally you’ll want your property to look at it’s very best and as well as being advertised properly, with an effective listing and professional photography, it’s important that your home is always clean and maintained to a high standard. Elite Property Management delivers various services that can help you with this, but as with everything else in life what you invest in time wise now, will reap rewards later on. Here’s just a few things to think about:

  • Declutter - think about what you don’t need and remove all unnecessary furniture and gadgets

  • Refresh your decor - is your paintwork dated, or looking a bit tired. Could your bedding and towels be upgraded and could your light fittings be improved?

  • Deep clean your carpets - it’s amazing how much dirt can be embedded in your carpets. Hiring a professional to do it is a good idea

  • Make sure you clean under couches, beds and behind pictures, light fitting and mirrors, it’s amazing the dust motes that collect there

  • Clean all of your kitchen appliances and empty all of your cupboards, getting rid of anything that your visitors are unlikely to use or need

  • If you’ve a garden or outdoor space you’ll need to get that sorted. That could mean weeding, sweeping winter leaves and dusting the garden furniture.

Once your up and running, Elite Property Management can take over your property maintenance, maintaining your home to a high standard, with a professional laundry service - including the provision of fresh linen and laundry for each guest - inventory checking and when something needs fixed our dedicated tradesmen are there immediately to sort things out.

Elite Can Clean Your Property Profile Too

When it comes to Airbnb, spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to the property itself, think about your online presence also. If you’re an existing landlord, take some time to figure out if your current profile is working for you, and if not, clean it up. Refresh your heading to make it catchy and relevant to your target audience, update your description and renew your photographs – it really will make a difference. Finally, review your pricing and make sure it is competitive. The last thing you want after all your hard work is to undersell yourself or lose business because you priced too high. 

Elite Property Management for all your airbnb needs

Spring cleaning can be hard work and takes time, but if you want further tips or help to get your property ready for summer, contact us today, we’re happy to help with all areas of Airbnb property management.