Airbnb Spring Cleaning Tips

As we head into March, the weather is warming up and the nights are getting lighter - spring is upon us! And with that, comes the perfect opportunity to spruce up your Airbnb property with a bit of spring cleaning. It can seem like a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t need to be. To help get you started and make the process as pain-free as possible, we have put together a list of top tips.

Spring Cleaning Your Airbnb Property

When it comes to spring cleaning, it’s good to take one room at a time. Work your way around the property, thinking about the following as you go:


Clutter can take away from the look of your property, so think about which items you need, and which you don’t. Removing all the unnecessary furniture and gadgets will clean up the space and make it feel more open and inviting.

Refresh and repair broken items

As you’re cleaning, pay attention to what you already have, is anything looking a bit tired or dated? Could anything use a deep clean or a fresh coat of paint? If so, now is it a good time do it. Don’t just think about bigger furniture either, include bed sheets, towels and other such items that can become a bit tatty and faded with time and replace all those burnt-out light bulbs.

Deep clean the carpets

If your property has carpets, you’ll be amazed at the dirt they collect, and the hoover doesn’t get all of it! Hiring yourself a carpet cleaner for the weekend or even getting a professional to do it for you, will bring the colour and homely feel back to your carpets.

Don’t forget to look up

It can be tempting to clean only the bits of the room you can see, but take this opportunity to clean the whole room, which means looking up and under - move furniture to hoover underneath and dust light fittings, pictures and mirrors.

Take stock of your cupboards

The inside of cupboards, whether in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, are often ignored. But, dust and dirt build up over time, so if you really want to spring clean your property, empty your cupboards and clean them out. It is the ideal opportunity to take stock of what you have too. Refill what is running out and perhaps remove the unnecessary and out of date items that your guests show little interest in.

Clean all appliances

This mainly applies to the kitchen; if you know your oven could use a thorough clean, but you have been avoiding it, it’s time to get the oven cleaner out. Deep clean all your appliances, your guests will appreciate the effort.

Spring cleaning your outdoor space

If you have outdoor space, extend your spring cleaning to the outside; your guests will want to make the most of it. It is probably looking a bit neglected after the cold of winter, so cut the grass, sweep up the leaves and power wash the patio. Also, dig out and dust off your patio furniture and consider adding a barbecue if you don’t have one already.

Spring cleaning your online presence

When it comes to Airbnb, spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to the property itself, think about your online presence also. Take some time to figure out if your current profile is working for you, and if not, clean it up. Refresh the heading to make it catchy and relevant to your target audience, update your description and renew your photographs – it really will make a difference. Finally, review your pricing and make sure it is competitive. The last thing you want after all your hard work is to undersell yourself or lose business because you priced too high.

OK, so spring cleaning takes time, but if you want further tips or help to get your property ready for summer, contact us today, we are happy to help with all areas of Airbnb property management.