Creating Family-Friendly Airbnb

When it comes to holidays, families are starting to look beyond hotels to finding family-friendly Airbnb accommodation that enables them to relax in a more homely environment. If your Airbnb property lends itself to families, this is good news for you. If you make a few changes to your property and online listing, like those listed below, and ensure they are attractive to families with young children, you may find the market very lucrative.

Make it safe – Safety is paramount; no parent wants to spend their whole holiday worrying about their children’s safety, well more than normal anyway! So, if you want to attract families, you need to ensure your property is child-proofed. This means hiding exposed wires, installing baby gates and barriers where there is a risk of falling – including around garden ponds – locking cupboards and hiding chemicals and cleaning products out of reach. Also think about attaching large furniture, such as bookcases, to the wall so they don’t fall over, and tidying away sharp or easy-to-swallow objects; essentially, if it looks like it could be a hazard, remove it, hide it or secure it.

Think furniture – Families with young children and babies need a lot of stuff and not all of it is easy to travel with, so make their life easy and equip your property with some of the basics. Cots, high chairs and baby baths are a good starting point, but also think about other items such as stools in the bathroom so children can reach the sink to wash their hands and child-friendly kitchen supplies – perhaps add some brightly coloured plastic plates and cutlery. A nightlight could also be a nice touch for a child’s room.

Make a room child-friendly – Children need to sleep somewhere, so decorate one room with them in mind – the children will love it, and the photographs will look great in the property profile on Airbnb. Think about paint colours, curtains and bed sheets as well as furniture; bunk beds could be a fun way to appeal to children while increasing the number of people able to stay in your property.

Be ready for playtime – Children get bored and need to be kept occupied; the more toys and games you supply, the more the parents will thank you. Make your property fun for families by stocking up with board games, toys, even an X-box or PlayStation if you have one and don’t forget about the garden; outdoor games are a hit in the summer.

Suggest child-friendly activities – You probably already have a welcome pack for your guests, but consider aiming it towards families. Include suggestions for child-friendly days out in your area – indoor and outdoor – and places to eat. Simple additions such as directions to the nearest park or swimming pool can go a long way to making your families feel welcome and at ease.

Update your listing – As with anything on Airbnb, it doesn’t matter how perfect the property is if no one can find it. Ensure you advertise yourself as family-friendly by ticking the relevant boxes and including it in your heading. Photographs of your property and all its child-friendly characteristics are ideal and will help with your marketing.

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