What to Look For in an Airbnb Management Company

When there is so much going on, and you’re already juggling work, family and social life, it can be hard to make the most of your Airbnb property. You can get around it by limiting how many nights you rent your property out for, but why should you? If you are going to put the time and energy into being an Airbnb host, you should be able to benefit from it. And, that’s where we come in. Airbnb property management companies, like us, take the stress away and do everything for you. But, that’s not all. Managing a property is likely a learning curve that requires you to gain new skills such as marketing, customer service and professional cleaning; it’s hard work, time-consuming and not necessarily something you enjoy. Opt to have your property managed by us, however, and you’ll benefit from our expertise, which will not only help bring in guests but will also boost your reviews and income; there really is no downside!

How do you know which property management company to go with though? There are many to choose from, and they all offer a similar service. It can be a tough decision, so to help we have put together a list of things to think about.

  • What area do they cover?

    • This is an obvious one. Property management companies cover different geographical areas, so you need to find one that looks after properties in your area.

  • What services do they offer and what do you want/need them to do for you?

    • Services are all similar, but there will be some differences. So, before you start looking, decide what it is you want them to do. Do you want them to be available 24/7 and to take panic calls from your guests at 2 am, for example? We can!

  • What’s their Unique Selling Point (USP)?

    • What sets them apart from their competitors? It could be an additional service, more experience, local knowledge or even a personal, friendly approach. Whatever it is, it's worth knowing!

  • How much do they charge and does their pricing structure suit your needs?

    • Prices will vary, and some will be more flexible than others, so speak to a few and find out which one suits your needs and will be most cost-effective.

  • Do you get on with them?

    • This is important. They will be in and out of your property and meeting and greeting your guests. Depending on the service, they may even become the face of your Airbnb property. Therefore, you need to trust them, feel comfortable talking with them and believe that they will represent you as you would like them to.

  • What are their reviews like?

    • Every business collects reviews and testimonials nowadays, and it is worth having a read of them. Are they positive and five star or are some negative? What kind of complaints are they getting, if any, and are they things that particularly bother you? If so, it may be worth going elsewhere. You can read some of our testimonials here.

  • How many properties are they managing?

    • This is a worthwhile question to ask. If the answer is none or one to two, and they’re not brand new, you should maybe question how good they are – why do they have a small client base? Conversely, if they are managing loads of properties, do they have the resources to give yours the attention it deserves? Or would you prefer a smaller company and more personal service?

  • Do they outsource work and if so, who to?

    • Whether it is the cleaning, washing or maintenance and emergency work, such as leaky pipes and broken boilers, it can be good to know who your property management company subcontract to. Again, they will be working in your property and maybe even communicating with your guests, so it’s important you trust them and feel comfortable with them and the standards they work to. If not, can you use your own? How flexible are they?

If you would like to know the answers to any of these questions or others, we would be happy to answer your queries – just get in touch on 07944189711 or by filling out the form on our contact page. Based in Edinburgh, we have extensive experience managing properties and pride ourselves on maintaining strong relationships with our clients, but you can find out more about us, Elite Property Management, and our services on our Airbnb management website. We look forward to hearing from you!