Top Tips For Airbnb Management in the High Summer Season

Summer is a great time to be an Airbnb host. With lots of people searching for their perfect getaway, there are plenty of opportunities to fill your spare room or empty property; the earning potential is huge. But, the downside is that there is a lot of competition, so you need be proactive to make the most of it. There are many things you can do, but here are just a few suggestions.

Update your profile

To stand out, you need to update your Airbnb profile regularly. This means accentuating your properties summer highlights, whether they are a well-equipped outdoor area with a patio, BBQ and climbing frame for children, a conservatory that fills with sunshine or a balcony big enough for two to enjoy a romantic glass of wine as the sun sets. Whatever it is, make sure you include it in your profile and maybe even your heading, the more specific, the better.

Retake your photographs

Photographs are a key part of your property profile and really work to sell your property. Therefore, it’s a good idea to include some new ones especially if you took your current ones in winter or a duller time of year. You can see some more Airbnb photography tips in our previous blog post here, but make sure you let as much natural light in as possible and stage your property, maybe even including some summer touches such as brightly coloured flowers; the more inviting, the better.

Talk about your area

When it comes to advertising your property, don’t just focus on the inside, talk about the outside as well, and that includes your local area. If you are within walking distance to some of the big tourist attractions, say so. And, likewise, if you are close to a popular event, like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, use that to draw visitors in. The fact they can walk from their accommodation will be a big draw.

Be quick to communicate

It’s likely that potential guests are contacting multiple properties, and a slow reply may mean they lose interest and go with someone else. Therefore, you want to be quick. It will help with your searchability also as Airbnb’s algorithm favours hosts that are good communicators. Being available to answer questions 24/7 can be challenging, but you don’t need to manage it all on your own – we can help!

Explore instant booking

The ability to vet guests is a comforting feature for Airbnb hosts, but it can be off-putting for guests who want to book something quickly and without hassle. It won’t be for everyone, but if you want to ensure your property is occupied throughout summer, it may be something to consider. Being clear in your profile about your property, what facilities you have and who you cater for may help to encourage the kind of guests you want and discourage those you don’t, so consider what your writing before you switch the feature on.

Be competitive with price

Prices are fluid. They change with the seasons and are dependent on what events are going on in your area. You can probably get away with putting your prices up in summer as demand for accommodation increases but, don’t be tempted to go too high as it may put potential guests off. Likewise, don’t go too low; you don’t want to end up out of pocket.

If you need more tips or help with Airbnb management, get in touch, we can manage your enquiries, greet your guests, clean your property and more.