Airbnb Hosting Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you’re busy trying to be the perfect Airbnb host, it can be easy to focus on everything you should be doing. But, sometimes, it can be helpful to think about what you shouldn’t be. So, with that in mind, here are eight Airbnb mistakes to avoid. Many are common sense, but it’s amazing how easy it is to forget the obvious sometimes, especially when there are so many different hosting elements to consider.    

Not adjusting your prices

Pricing alone is enough to make any Airbnb hosts head spin; it’s hard to know what to charge. If you’re struggling, have a look at the tips on our previous blog post ‘Pricing your Airbnb Property’, but whatever you do, don’t pick one price and stick with it forever; change it regularly. Your price should reflect the current situation. If it’s the height of summer, Hogmanay or the Edinburgh Festival is in town, increase your prices and if it’s the quiet season and you’re struggling to get people through the doors, drop them to encourage people to stay.     

Not getting good photographs

Nearly everyone has camera phones that can take reasonable photos, but don’t make the mistake of thinking adequate photos will do for your Airbnb property; they won’t do it justice. Photos sell, so it’s worth getting them right, even if it means seeking the help of a professional photographer. It’s a good idea to update your photos regularly as well, so you accentuate your properties seasonal highlights. 

Setting the wrong expectations

This is one of the biggest mistakes an Airbnb host can make. Setting the wrong expectations and overselling your property leads to unsatisfied customers and negative reviews. Be honest about what you have to offer, and your guests will not be disappointed when they arrive. 

Not communicating effectively

Being an Airbnb host is hard work. If you want to ensure you’re property is booked up, you need to be active and respond to guests, especially if you’ve opted out of instant booking. Guests are probably contacting a few properties, and if you’re the last to respond or don’t provide the answers they’re looking for, they’ll likely decide to stay with a competitor. If you’re asked the same questions frequently, save yourself some time and write some FAQs or have some prewritten answers ready to edit and go. 

Not cleaning properly

There are many differences between an Airbnb property and a hotel, but cleanliness shouldn’t be one of them. Always clean your property to a professional standard; it’s what your guests are expecting and what they deserve. 

Not responding to or dealing with guest requests

If your guests have questions, complaints or requests while staying with you, make sure you pick up the phone and do what you can to fix the problem or find a solution. Taking ages to respond, being distant or simply ignoring the problem is a mistake you’ll pay for later in reviews.  

Getting complacent

While you may start off as the perfect host, it’s easy to get complacent and let your standards slip as time goes on and you get busy. Start as you mean to go on though and always keep high standards for everything you do, whether that is interacting with your guests, cleaning or keeping your property stocked. Thinking your guests won’t notice if you skip a few hosting steps just this once, is a mistake to avoid! 

Trying to do everything

There are many different tasks involved in being an Airbnb host, but you won’t always be good at or have time to do everything, though it can be tempting to try. Outsourcing parts of the hosting journey you don’t enjoy will let you focus on the bits you do, not only saving you time but also keeping you interested and happy. Airbnb property management companies like ours are a great way of delegating; we have extensive experience, understand what it takes to be a 5* host and put your guests at the heart of everything we do – speak to us today to find out how we can help you.