Being a Hands-Off Airbnb Host

While being an Airbnb host will boost your monthly income, it can absorb your time and social life. Though it doesn’t need to; it is possible to be a successful hands-off host and to manage your property remotely – read on to find out how. 

Automate your communications 

While some messages require personalised responses and input from you, you can write most of your communications in advance and automate them, for example booking confirmations, travel directions, check-in details and review reminders. This will massively reduce the time you spend communicating with guests, though if you opt to turn off instant booking, you will need to review enquiries as they come in. 

Provide plenty of information

The more information available to your guests, the less likely they are to need you before or during their stay. Filling your profile with details about the property and local area and your property with house instructions, troubleshooting advice and local information, will ensure your guests have everything they need and thus leave you alone. 

Rethink your check-in and check-out

Remove the need to greet your guests in person by installing a lock box or electronic lock that enables them to gain access without you. It’s convenient for them as they can come and go as they please and you don’t have to give up your time; all you need to do is send them the access codes. 

Embrace technology

Key exchanges are not the only thing you can automate, consider installing technology in your home that enables you to control and monitor other things remotely as well, such as your heating, lighting, or security system. 

Make use of fast-track delivery

Restocking your property with essentials such as toilet roll between guests is necessary, but it doesn’t need to involve time-consuming trips to the shops. Make use of online shopping and fast-track delivery and order everything you need with a click of a button. Once delivered, all you, or your cleaners, need to do is put it away. 

Be prepared

Though time-consuming initially, compiling a list of trusted tradespeople and others that can help you out should you need it, will enable you to be more hands-off. If guests report a problem, simply send an email to someone on your list and ask them to sort it for you. 

Get Help From an Airbnb Property Management Company

Whether you want to save a bit of time or are going away and need to step back completely from your property, you’ll want to seek some help. This could be in the form of professional cleaners or, for more assistance, a full Airbnb property management company, like us. We can take care of everything for you, allowing you to step back completely and make the most of your boosted income. Contact us to find out how we can help.