Creating the Perfect Airbnb Welcome Pack

As an Airbnb host, there are many ways to make your guest experience special and unique, one of which is the welcome pack. Arriving in an unfamiliar place can be stressful especially if travel plans haven’t worked quite as they should, so it’s important to make your property as welcoming as possible. A well thought out welcome pack will put a smile on guests faces, set a precedent for their stay, and contribute to your positive reviews. 

What to include in your welcome pack

When putting together your welcome pack, put yourself in the mind of your guests and think about what they may want. It really is up to you what you include, but here are some ideas:

A bit about you

It’s nice to know whose property you are staying in, so Introduce yourself to your guests and make sure you include your contact information so they can get hold of you should they need to. 

Emergency details

Hopefully, your guests won’t need these, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Include emergency contact details, instructions for what to do should something go wrong and details of the local doctors, dentists, and hospitals etc. 

Information about your property

You know where everything is and how it all works, but your guests won’t. Make it easy for them by including instructions for how to use appliances and gadgets, details of where they can find things they may need and, of course, don’t forget to write down the Wi-Fi code. The more information you include here, the less likely you are to receive hundreds of phone calls from irritated guests that can’t work the boiler or find where to put the recycling. 

House dos and don’ts

You don’t want to sound too strict here, but you do need to set some ground rules; it is your property after all. If you know your neighbours like quiet, remind your guests to keep noise levels to a minimum in the evenings, or perhaps let them know they can smoke outside only, that pets are to stay off the sofa and that your property is not open for parties. 

Check-out instructions

It is always useful to tell guests what you would like them to do before they leave. Do you need them to strip the sheets, put the dirty towels in the bath or simply shut the door and put the keys back in the key safe? Don’t forget to mention check-out times as well. 

Local area information

Think about including details about your area, such as things to do, places to eat and drink, directions, and public transport options. 

A welcome gift

You don’t need to give your guests a present, but leaving a small token, such as some biscuits, a local delicacy or something seasonal, will make them feel welcome and special. 

A few things to think about 

While a welcome pack is essential to making your guests lives easy, you don’t want to overwhelm them with information. Keep your manual concise, don’t overload it with lots of unnecessary information and make it easy to navigate. Including a contents page ensures your guests can find the information they want when they want it. Otherwise, they may end up flicking through pages of content and missing what it is they’re looking for. 

Hopefully, this has given you a good idea of what to include in your welcome pack, but If you need advice or help putting one together, let us know, we are happy to help