Myth Busting Misconceptions About Short-Term Letting on Airbnb

Have you been thinking about putting your property or spare room up for rent on Airbnb but are delaying because you’re weary and see it as a bit of a risk? If so, read on as we bust many of the myths around short-term letting with Airbnb. 

Your property will end up ruined

Most people that book a holiday through Airbnb are just like you, normal people looking to take a break from their working lives. They are not out to destroy your property or make your life difficult, so hopefully, you’ll have only positive experiences. For negative ones though, know that Airbnb’s Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance protect you and that you have the option of purchasing your own more comprehensive insurance as well. You can also collect security deposits from guests that will likely cover any small damages. 

Additionally, you can take precautions to reduce the likelihood of your property and possessions getting damaged. Firstly, take a minimalist approach and remove or lock away things you want to keep safe and secondly vet guests before agreeing to let them stay. Read previous reviews, go through their Airbnb profile or social media accounts, and get a sense for why they are travelling. If it is a big group of girls or boys away for a weekend, for example, you may be looking at a hen or stag party and so are more likely to get mess and damage than say a couple away for the weekend. If you’re suspicious or don’t feel comfortable, decline the request. 

Guests won’t pay

The beauty of going through a company like Airbnb is that providing you’re sensible and stick within their platform, their policies protect you. When a guest makes a booking, Airbnb collects and holds payments until 24 hours after check-in, which ensures both hosts and guests are happy that everything has gone to plan before money changes hands. If something unexpected happens, such as a cancellation, Airbnb’s cancellation and refund policies protect both you and your guests and ensure payments are as they should be. Likewise, if you need to claim some or all your security deposit, you can deal with guests directly or get help from Airbnb, who can charge guests when required. 

Guests won’t leave or give the key back

Most guests have limited time away and return travel arrangements. The risk they won’t want to leave or return the keys at the end is minimal. If you’re worried, however, vet your guests and turn down requests from those that make you feel uncomfortable. Additionally, if you want to invest in security and peace of mind, you could install an electronic lock that you can control remotely. It’s a cost initially, but you can issue time-limited key codes to guests that stop working after their check-out date. This also covers you if you’re worried about key copying or simply want a stress-free check-in/check-out, as you don’t need to be on site to let your guests in. 

Guests will be noisy

Again, the best way to avoid this is to be selective about who stays in your property. But, also, write clear house rules and let your guests know what is and isn’t acceptable regarding noise and behaviour. If they break the rules or you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to cancel their booking at any time, and Airbnb will help you with this. 

It will take up all my time

As a host, there’s cleaning, washing, greeting guests, sorting problems, all sorts to do. If you decide to do everything yourself then, yes, being a host will take up a lot of your time. But, the good news is, you don’t have too, you can have help. Many hosts hire cleaners to help with the turnaround between guests, but if you want more help, you can work with an Airbnb property management company, like us. We take the stress away by handling everything from meeting and greeting guests and creating welcome packs to maintenance, cleaning and dealing with emergencies 24/7. With us, your guests will have a five-star experience, and you’ll have peace of mind and time to enjoy your extra income. 

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