Airbnb Can Help You in Retirement

Airbnb isn’t just for the younger generation. In fact, 60+ hosts are Airbnb’s fastest growing demographic and they get some of the best reviews. So, if you are retired and wondering what to do with your new found spare time or trying to fill the extra space left by the now independent kids, then don’t rule it out, Airbnb could be for you.

Financially Beneficial

If, like many retired people, a little extra income every month wouldn’t go a miss, then consider Airbnb, as it can provide just that. It is helping retired people all over the world to pay their monthly bills, have holidays and even stay in their home which would be unaffordable otherwise. The amount will depend upon the location of your property, how much space you have to offer and how many days a month you are willing to rent out your space, but the average cost of a spare bedroom in Edinburgh is £50 a night on Airbnb. So, if rented out for half the month (15 days), you could be earning an extra £750 a month, minus taxes and fees.

Provides a Sense of Purpose

If work dominated your life and you are feeling lost without it, becoming an Airbnb host could give you something to focus on. It is more than simply opening the doors to your home. It involves marketing, communication, customer service and hosting and is the perfect platform to put existing business and organisational skills to good use, whilst also giving you the opportunity to learn. Similarly, Airbnb is as much about the experience as anything else, so you get the chance to share your local knowledge with your guests and make their trip truly unique and memorable.

It’s Someone to Talk To

If your children have grown up and left empty space and a quietness in your home, you may appreciate having Airbnb guests around. As a host, you can be as involved as you like in your guests stay. Some may want to be left alone but others relish the opportunity to get to know their hosts, with many forming lifelong friendships. Furthermore, guests come from all over the world and inviting different people into your home is a great way to learn about new countries and cultures you have yet to visit.

Good For Mind and Body

It is well known that keeping active is good for our mind and body. Not only can hosting be very rewarding but it involves thought and there is a certain amount of cleaning and other active tasks that need to be completed between guests, so it provides motivation to get up and moving. However, if it seems like too much work or you would like take advantage of the many benefits but feel a little out of your depth, why not let us help you? At Elite Property Management we take care of your property and guests for you, and work with you to give them a truly memorable experience from start to finish.